I write great copy so you don't have to.

This is me.

Whether you're looking for an experienced beauty copywriter, a dedicated health & wellness wordsmith or an all-round content creator, you're in the right place.

Skincare blogs, nutritional websites and beauty e-commerce stores - these are just some examples of where I've lent my services. I'm no one-trick pony either.  In fact, here's a list of the services I offer:

 Copywriting  Writing 

 Brand Guidelines    SEO Writing   

 Blog Writing   Health & Wellness Copywriter

 Web Copy    Product Descriptions 

 Infographic Design   Beauty Copywriter 

I create content that speaks to your audience

From snappy taglines to in-depth articles, every word counts.


Sure, anyone can write, but not everyone can write well

That's where I step in!

I specialise in working with brands to capture tone of voice through purposeful copy. It's about digging a little deeper, scratching past the surface into the core of a company's values.

The result? ...

Writing that sells.

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Here's a selection of clients that I've worked with here at Michaela Freelance...

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"Michaela's writing of some web content for us was right on target, with good, well-researched information, skilfully written and completed within the agreed time frame and word count. A joy to work with!"

 Xenia Smith - Superfood Ingredients Ltd.