Cornwall Copywriter.

I'll happily arrange a meeting to discuss your project and needs and I can even work on-site on a part-time basis if needed.

So whether you're a surf school looking to attract wave-riders or maybe you're a cornish-based artisan coffee maker that wants to spread the word about you're uniquely flavoursome beans - I can help!

That's the great thing about Cornwall - the community spirit, with locals supporting locals. So, if you're looking to keep your business exclusively Cornish sourced right down to your web copy and branding, I'm your woman! Better yet, being surrounded by the beauty that is the Cornish landscape I can totally immerse myself in the exact environment that has probably inspired or drives your business.

Did you know I'm a freelance copywriter based in Cornwall?

With the rise of the online world, some of us appreciate face-to-face collaboration. Whilst I love the home-working lifestyle I'm all for meeting the people I'm working with. So if you're based in (or near) Cornwall and you've got an awesome copywriting project you want me to hop on board with let's meet!