Get a load of this.

Fun fact: Content marketing is 3x more effective at generating leads than paid for advertising.


Yep, you read that right!


The digital realm is growing. More and more of your (potential) audience are shunning traditional marketing methods and opting to buy into brands that they can relate to.

It's a no brainer!

Just take a look at some of the biggest brand names out there. Their copy is consistently relevant to who they are. And what happens when you nail your brand voice? You gain a boatload* of loyal customers.

*note: boatload is not an accurate measurement

As a freelance copywriter, it's just what I do. 

From those short and snappy taglines to those more in-depth guides. Every piece I write stays true to who you are. Any words can be thrown together, but I take pride in writing copy that tells a story, selling an experience to your audience. 

That's how you (or I) captivate!

I believe so much in the power of meaningful copy that I also help companies draw up branding guidelines, establishing the very foundation of what they're all about. 

So, how do I do this?

To ensure originality I really get to grips with what your brand is all about. What it stands for, what's its mission and who is the target audience? This all helps to build up an image, a brand identity, which can then be woven through the copy.

It's just how I roll. And it's how I can guarantee you that I deliver copy that's genuine. 

I'm all about capturing your brand's voice.

After working with 25+ brands over 2+ years I've got my working process down. I'm all about smooth sailing, so here's what you can expect:

  • Initial discussion to flesh out the scope of the project (I'm happy to do this via email, phone call, Skype etc).

  • A plan of action with anticipated delivery dates and a cost breakdown.

  • Regular check-ins to keep you in the loop with how the project is progressing.

Freelance copywriter rates can vary wildly, but this is often reflective of the quality of the service you're getting. I charge competitive prices that mirror my experience and skillset. There are a few different ways I can price up your project (hourly, daily, per project etc) and I'll be happy to discuss these with you. 

Trust the process.